TripAdvisor Report

Your Tripadvisor report helps you understand your performance on the largest travel review platform in the world.

With more than 800 million reviews, Tripadvisor is the largest of the online travel review sites, and your property’s presence on this site should be monitored closely.

How do I find my TripAdvisor Report?

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at
  2. Click on Reports > TripAdvisor
  3. Select the part of the report you want to view. You can easily navigate between tabs once inside your Tripadvisor report. 

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    • CORE
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What can my TripAdvisor Report tell me?

Your Tripadvisor report will show you everything that is on your Tripadvisor page and give you the ability to: 

  • Report on your performance over time
  • View Tripadvisor reviews  
  • View Tripadvisor comments 
  • Keep track of images uploaded to your page

Summary tab 

Firstly, on your Tripadvisor Summary tab you will see your current ranking on Tripadvisor, your overall ranking and a trend graph showing how your ranking has changed over time.


If you are using Reputation Management in conjunction with a Tripadvisor integration built directly into your Guest Feedback Survey, you will also be able to see a breakdown of your organic vs jointly collected reviews. 

  • Organic reviews are reviews from guests who have gone directly to Tripadvisor, logged in and left a review
  • Jointly collected reviews are guests who have left a review on Tripadvisor from your survey
  • Combined total rating is your score for both your organic and jointly collected reviews and the number of those reviews 
  • Effect on review volume shows (as a percentage) how many more reviews the survey is pushing to Tripadvisor. Typically, this will be around 100-300%  
  • Effect on review rating shows the increase or decrease in your bubble rating (score out of 5) as a result of reviews collected through the survey
  • Feedback Reviews shows how many GuestRevu surveys have been completed for the date range you have applied 
  • Joint Reviews shows how many of those survey respondents went on to leave a Tripadvisor review through the survey
  • Conversion Rate is the percentage of guests who complete a survey and leave a Tripadvisor review at the same time. Typically this sits around 10% but can vary from property to property   

Note: If you are tracking your Milestones and have the appropriate dates selected, your Milestone will appear on your Tripadvisor Trend Analysis table, find out about Milestones here


The Sub Rating Summary on the table below breaks down the bubble ratings for each question that Tripadvisor asks. It also gives you your average overall rating and the number of responses that have been received for each section for the date range that you have applied, or by default for the previous 30 days.

Why are some Tripadvisor questions answered more often than others? 

The reviewer can decide not to answer some question when leaving an organic review or may have skipped that particular question in the survey and decided not to complete it during the review section. 

The Sub Rating Trend graph shows you how many responses you have received for each of the questions that TripAdvisor asks, and how your rating for each of those questions has changed over time. As with all GuestRevu graphs, you can easily choose which individual criteria or sub-ratings you would like to see by clicking to select or deselect them in the legend below the graph itself.

Lastly, we show you the type of trip and the reasons your guests visited your hotel as well as languages most commonly used by your guests. This is useful for marketing purposes and gives you a good idea of why the majority of your guests visit your hotel, for example, business trips, family holidays or romantic getaways.

Tripadvisor Reviews Tab 

By clicking the Tripadvisor Reviews tab at the top of your report, you will find a breakdown of all your Tripadvisor reviews, both jointly collected and organic, along with their scores and the users who left them. At a glance, you can easily see which reviews were jointly collected and which have been responded to, as indicated by the tick in the Jointly Collected () and Management Response () columns.

Another column that is included in this breakdown is Tripadvisor Status. Tripadvisor has strict content requirements, and every review submitted to them, whether through your questionnaire or on the website itself, gets checked before it’s published. This column shows you what your review’s status is, whether it’s new (meaning it’s still being assessed), published, or removed.

You can also filter these reviews to view only those that have been collected organically, or only those that have been jointly collected, by clicking on the Organic vs Jointly filter towards the top of your screen.

From this list you can view your full review by clicking on Actions > Quick View or Go To Review.

Alternatively, click on the guest’s Display Name and the review will open. 

Note: To understand your Tripadvisor guests in more detail read this help article

How to view your Tripadvisor comments

You can see any comments from your reviews in the Tripadvisor Comments tab.

All guest comments submitted to Tripadvisor will be displayed here, including those rejected for publication by Tripadvisor, and you will have a number of actions available to you:

  • Quick View will open a pop-up window, showing you the details for the review in a number of tabs
  • Go to Review will redirect you to the full review in the Reviews section of your account
  • Translate will allow you to convert the text from and to any language supported by Google Translate
  • Share will add the comment to the Social Media section of your account, from which you can post the review across your social media platforms. Learn how to post comments to social media
  • Create Service Ticket will open a Service Ticket pop-up window, which you can use to assign a task, or bring a comment to another user’s attention.
    Find out more about Service Tickets

The Tripadvisor Gallery tab 

Here you will see a gallery of all the images that have been uploaded to your Tripadvisor listing during the date range specified. To see the full image, click on the thumbnail image in the gallery. To see the review associated with the image, click Actions > Go to Review or Quick View.

Tip: Repeat guests may have completed multiple reviews and surveys. To find out how that information is consolidated in their profile, click here.

Why are images important? 

These can help the marketing team to see which parts of a property stand out to guests and could be used to showcase your offering to potential guests. Should a negative image be displayed, you can use this to see where the issue was and how to resolve it. We recommend using Service tickets to ensure nothing goes unresolved. 

Top Tip 

Having direct feedback through surveys means that you can be proactive and drive your online reputation. It is always better to be proactive than reactive. Find out more about what GuestRevu can offer you by requesting a demo.