Understanding your Tripadvisor guest data

The integration between GuestRevu and Tripadvisor pulls information from your guests’ Tripadvisor profiles directly into your GuestRevu dashboard.


This article applies to:

  • LITE
  • CORE
  • PRO

The information available to you includes basic details, such as the guest’s name, nationality, and language as well as additional details about that guest’s activity on Tripadvisor. 

To view a guest’s Tripadvisor data, first go to a review pulled into your GuestRevu account from Tripadvisor (find out how to view your reviews here), then go to the Details tab on the review. Here you will see additional details about your guest pulled from their Tripadvisor profile, such as the total number of reviews the guest has left on Tripadvisor. There is also a link that will open the guest’s full profile on Tripadvisor in another tab.


On the Images tab, you can see the images the guest uploaded to Tripadvisor along with their reviews of your property.


Repeat guests may have completed multiple surveys and Tripadvisor Reviews for your property over a period of time. These can all be seen on the guest review under the Guest History tab. The summarised scores from previous reviews are visible, to read the full review click on the relevant review to open fully. 

If you would like to see all images uploaded to your Tripadvisor profile within your selected time frame, navigate to the Tripadvisor Gallery in your Tripadvisor Report


Images with the Action button are linked to specific guests. Clicking the Actions button will allow you to either Quick View the review the guest has left or go to the full review to see additional details about the guest and any other reviews the guest has left. 


Images that don’t have an Actions button are images that have been uploaded to your page without an associated review. These may be images your marketing team has uploaded to best sell your property or images that a guest has uploaded but decided not to go on to leave a review. 


Top Tip

Keep an eye on the images guests are uploading to Tripadvisor. These can help the marketing team to see what parts of a property are standing out to guests and could potentially be used to showcase your offering to potential guests.