Uploading multiple guest email addresses to GuestRevu

If your property management system (PMS) is not integrated with your GuestRevu account, you may want to upload your guest details to GuestRevu in bulk

In this article, we will explain the correct format to capture your guest details in, and how to upload multiple guests at once to your GuestRevu account. To find out how to manually add just one guest to your account, see this article

This article applies to:

  • CORE
  • PRO

You can find our current integration list here.

Step 1: Preparing your file for import

In order for your guest data to be imported correctly into GuestRevu, your file needs to follow a specific format. You can download a sample file here, or create a new file as follows:

  1. Open a blank spreadsheet (Excel document), the sample file, or the spreadsheet you exported from your property management system.
  2. In order to import your data, your spreadsheet must have the following columns: 

    A. First name

    B. Last name

    C. Email address

    D. Check in date

    E. Check out date

    With the exception of an email address, which is required, you do not have to enter any information in these columns. The column headers do have to be present on the spreadsheet in order for it to import correctly. 

    If you do not include the check-out date, this will be assumed to be the date on which you import the data. However, please do ensure that you still keep the column headers for check-in and check-out dates even if you leave the cells below the header blank.

  3. You can also include columns for the following additional information on your spreadsheet if you wish:
External Guest ID
Mobile Number
ID/Passport number
Date of Birth
Blacklisted (true or false value)
Smoker (true or false value)
VIP (true or false value)
Profile Note
Loyalty Level
Number of Visits
Number of People
Room Number
Booking Reference
Rate Plan
Room Type
Member Number
Business Source
Reservation Type
Booking Agent Name
Checkin Receptionist
Checkout Receptionist
Reception Note
Server Name
Guide Name
Therapist Name
House Keeper
House Number
Address 1
Address 2
Postal Code
Market Segment
Exclude from 3rd Party Communication
Marketing opt-in
Slots Flag
Table Flag
Page Name
PS Note
Custom Note

Note: Any values that contain a date must follow a uniform format across the sheet. You will have to select the matching date format when you upload your file. The date formats supported by GuestRevu are:

'Y/m/d' 2021/10/30

 'Y-m-d' 2021-10-30

 'Ymd' 20211030

 'd/m/Y' 30/10/2021

 'd-m-Y' 30-10-2021

 'dmY' 30102021

 'd/m/y' 30/10/21

 'm/d/Y' 10/30/2021

 'm-d-Y' 10-30-2021

 'mdY' 10302021

 'd/m/y' 30/10/21

 'd-M-y' 30-Oct-21

 'm/d/y' 10/30/21

4. Once you have captured your guests’ details, you will need to save your file in an easy-to-find location. We recommend saving it as a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.

Step 2: Uploading your guest data file to GuestRevu

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at https://my.guestrevuapp.com
  2. Click on Guests > Manage 
  3. Click on Upload Guests in the top right-hand corner
  4. Before uploading your file, ensure that the correct Separator and Date Format are selected.

Note: If you’re unsure of the Separator used in your file, leave “Comma” selected, as most standard computers use this format. If the file fails to upload, try again with an alternative separator selected.

Warning: If you choose the incorrect date format, the guests may get stuck in a “pending” state indefinitely, as the system relies on the checkout date to decide when to send the email.

5. Select whether your file has column headers, such as “Name”, “Email” etc. (We recommend you use a file with headers)

6. Choose your saved file. The next step will automatically load.

7. You will be asked to match the columns in your spreadsheet with the data labels in GuestRevu. Your column header will show on the left, choose the appropriate label from the dropdown list on the right, as demonstrated below:

8. Once happy with your selection, click Import Guests. Your guests will now be uploaded to your GuestRevu account. By default, the survey will be sent to your Guest two days after their checkout date, or immediately if two days have already passed since the checkout date. 

Note: If you do not have the check-in and check-out dates for your guests on hand, you will still need to include columns in your sheet with the headlines “Check-in date” and “Check-out date”, but you can leave the rest of the column blank. Where no checkout date is provided, GuestRevu will treat the guests as if they checked out on the day of the upload, and the emails will be sent after the delay set on your account.

By default, there is a two-day delay set on all accounts. This means that guests will be sent the email inviting them to complete your survey two days after they have checked out (or immediately, if they are uploaded after this delay has already elapsed). We usually find this results in the best response rates, as it gives guests a chance to complete their homeward journey. If you would like to change how long you wait before sending the guest feedback questionnaire, just ask the support team.

If you have a problem uploading your guest data, you can contact our support team at support@guestrevu.com.


Top Tip 

If you don’t want to send your guests their surveys via email, you can use any-time surveys. Guests can access these surveys via a QR code, a sharable link, or on a kiosk-style iPad/tablet.