Language options and translations

GuestRevu surveys can be offered in as many languages as you require, and there is a built-in function to help you translate management responses and guest comments in online reviews.

Language options for surveys 

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Your GuestRevu account supports multiple language versions of the same survey. These translations allow guests to give feedback in whichever language they are most comfortable with. If you would like to create a version of your survey in another language, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Email the support team and let them know you would like to add a translation of your survey
  2. The support team will provide you with a WordDoc or Excel Sheet of the content of your survey and email templates so it is quick and easy for you to do the translations
  3. Translate your survey into the language(s) you require. We strongly recommend having translations done by a native speaker of the target language
  4. Once you’re happy with your translations, just send the document back to the support team, and they will add it to your survey

Can you automatically send the survey to the guest in their preferred language?  

If the guest’s first language is being populated within GuestRevu (either via one of your integrations or you are manually uploading it to your guest records), then you can specify which language the survey should default to. To ensure this is set up and the right survey goes to the right guests, chat to the support team. 

Can guests select which language to complete the survey in?

Yes, once you have set up different language versions of your survey, guests can choose which one they would like to complete. The options are shown to your guest at the top of the survey as shown below:

Can I send my Management Responses via email in the guest’s preferred language? 

You can translate your management responses using Google Translate right from within your account as shown below. Google Translate is exceptionally accurate, and speaking to guests in their own language is a great way to personalise your response, but you should remember that any machine translation will occasionally have errors, so it's best to tell guests your message was automatically translated.

How do I translate my guests' comments and online reviews? 

You can translate the comments from guests using the same built-in Google Translate feature, and even store the translation under the comment so you don’t have to repeat the process. The gif below explains how to do this.

How does sentiment analysis handle different languages? 

All comments or reviews in languages other than English are automatically translated into English before going through the sentiment analysis process. If the system can’t identify the language, the review or comment won’t be analysed and will be excluded from your sentiment score. You can find out more about sentiment analysis and how it is applied here 

Top Tip 

When deciding which survey translations should take priority, check your advanced filters to see if any nationalities of guests, in particular, seem to be struggling with your surveys.