Segments Report

Your Segments Report allows you to understand how different groups of guests, as determined by business source, room number, reservation type, rate plan or room type, are scoring their experiences with you on the key metrics of Review Volume, Overall Rating and NPS

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This can be a useful tool for Marketing Managers to understand which business sources are the most lucrative; for Operational Managers to identify rooms or room types that need attention; or for Revenue Managers to which rate plans result in the most satisfied guests.


Note: the data used to construct your Segment Report is fed into your account via your integration(s) or uploaded data, so if key information hasn’t been supplied, this report will not be created correctly. You can chat to the support team to find out how/if the information can be obtained.

How to find your Segments Report:

  1. Login to your GuestRevu account at
  2. Click on Reports > Segments
  3. From the dropdown, select which segment report you would like to view

Once on any of the segment reports, the top tabs will allow you to view the other segments:  Room Number, Business Source, Reservation Type, Rate Plan and Room Type

Each Tab displays the selected value with its associated total number of reviews, Overall Review Rating and Net Promoter Score, displayed in both table and graph format.

How do I display more information on one page?

If you are a property larger than 10 rooms, you may want to see all room numbers on one screen. To do so, just select the amount you want shown and the report will automatically update and display. 

These scores will be a good indicator of what areas from room number to rate plan need to be looked at in more detail, so remember to use your Advanced filtering to slice and dice the data even more. 

Top Tip 

Data and what you do with it can have a powerful impact on your operational changes, which in turn influences guests and their experience scores. See how to track these changes and trends by using Milestones.