Milestone Markers

Track and visualise the impact of changes at your property on guest experience with milestone markers


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Every property, and even every department has its milestone moments — hiring new staff, completing renovations and hosting big events just to name a few. Milestone markers help you keep track of how changes to your daily operations affect your feedback!

Say, for example, you’ve appointed a new Reservations team member. You can mark this as a milestone, and see whether your score drops, possibly indicating that further training may be needed, or improves, showing that the team is thriving.

Once a milestone marker has been added, it will appear as a white marker on graphs throughout your dashboard and in your Trend Report so that you can analyse the impact that the milestone has had. Hovering over the marker with your mouse will display the full description.




Your Marketing team can also use milestone markers to track social media or advertising campaigns, and see which strategies worked, and where adjustments and improvements can be made.

To create a new milestone marker:

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at
  2. Select the property that you would like to set or view milestone markers for
  3. Click on Milestones

  1. Click on the New Milestone button

  1. Complete the relevant fields:
    1. Event Date is where the milestone marker will appear in your graphs
    2. Name is the title of the milestone, such as Lobby Renovation Started or Marketing Manager hired. This is the text that will appear on your graphs before hover
    3. Description will provide more detail. This is the text that will appear when you hover over the marker.
    4. Once you’re happy that the details have been completed, click Save to add the milestone.

Your milestone is now ready and can be viewed on your Dashboard and reports. You can also Edit, Delete or Deactivate any milestone using the Actions menu in line with the milestone.

Top Tip 

A great report to show the impact milestones have on certain departments or on guest experience scores is the trend report. Track your performance on multiple metrics before, during, and after to see the full impact a change has – just remember to select the right date range.