Leaving an internal comment on a review

Internal comments are useful if you have multiple people who have access to your GuestRevu account.

Leaving notes and comments on reviews allows you to make sure your colleagues know that the problem has been dealt with or the guest has already been contacted, preventing more than one person from dealing with the same review.

In this article, we will show you how to leave comments and notes on reviews that only those who have login access to your account are able to see.

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at https://my.guestrevuapp.com

  2. Click on Reviews

  3. Click on Actions > View on the review you would like to leave a comment on

    reviews - view
  4. You will see four tabs above your review, click on Notes

    review - view - notes

  5. Type in your comment and click on Add Note

    review - view - add note

  6. You will now be able to view and keep track of how the review was dealt with within your Notessection.