How do I mark a review as Resolved?

To help you monitor and manage review responses, we’ve introduced the ability to mark reviews as Resolved once they have been handled.

This can be done once a review has been responded to, once any concerns raised have been dealt with, or even where a response isn’t necessary, to show other users that no more action is needed.

This can be useful to a General Manager of a property which has a number of GuestRevu users, when they want to see which reviews have been responded to and which still need attention. It can also be particularly useful for keeping track of delayed management responses, and guests who have left feedback, but asked not to be contacted.


Please note: All reviews left prior to this update taking effect (29 January 2020) will be marked as Resolved by default. You can mark these reviews as Unresolved by following the steps as explained below, and clicking the “Unresolved” button where applicable.

How does this work?

To mark a review as Resolved:

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at
  2. Select the account that you would like to manage the reviews for

    Accounts - select account
  3. Click on Reviews in the left-hand menu
  4. Choose your preferred view — either List or Consolidated. Learn more about Consolidated view here.
  5. From List View:
    1. Select the Action button next to the review that you would like to mark as resolved
    2. Select the Resolved option from the drop-down menu

      Actions - Resolved
    3. Alternatively, click on the reviewer’s name or display name, and click on the Resolve button from within the pop-up review screen itself

      actions - mark as resolved
    4. You will now see a tick alongside the review in the Resolve column in List View to indicate that no further action is required.
  6. From Consolidated View:
    1. Select the review that you would like to mark as resolved from the left-hand pane
    2. Click on the Resolved button in the middle pane

      Consolidated - mark as resolved

    Once a review has been marked as Resolved, you can also change it to be Unresolved in the same manner.

    mark as not resolved

    Finally, you can filter your reviews to only see those which are Resolved or those which are Unresolved by selecting the Resolved filter option towards the top of your screen, choosing which status you would like to view, and clicking Apply.

    resolved filter