How does TripAdvisor integration work?

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel review site, and so it’s crucial for accommodation providers, restaurants and activities to get the best ratings and rankings possible.

Integrating your GuestRevu survey with TripAdvisor makes it easier for your guests to submit their reviews, enhancing your profile with fresh reviews, quality content, and increased review volume.

TripAdvisor Platinum Review Collection Partner

GuestRevu is one of the few guest survey providers worldwide to have been granted Platinum Review Collection Partner status.

"Platinum status is granted to the top tier of review collection partners, who demonstrate excellent technical integrations and consistent review conversion performance." – TripAdvisor

This means that GuestRevu is able to link your guest feedback survey directly to your TripAdvisor listing. Before your guest reaches the last page and completes their survey, they’re asked to simply fill in their TripAdvisor review and click “Submit”.

Easier for guests to leave a review

There is no need for guests to leave the survey, create a TripAdvisor account, log in to TripAdvisor, or post a review in more than one place – we have made it as simple as possible for your guests to tell others about their experience at your hotel.

When guests get to the TripAdvisor page in your survey, it is even pre-populated with the ratings they filled in earlier, so all they need to do is add a title and comments, and click "Submit".

From your GuestRevu dashboard you can download a detailed report that summarises all the TripAdvisor reviews that have been left from your survey and the relevant guest details.

If your account isn’t integrated with TripAdvisor and you would like to set it up, please contact and we will be more than happy to set that up at no additional charge.