How does the Tripadvisor integration work?

Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel review site, and so it’s crucial for accommodation providers, restaurants and activities to get the best ratings and rankings possible.

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Integrating your GuestRevu survey with Tripadvisor makes it easier for your guests to submit their reviews, enhancing your profile with fresh reviews, quality content, and increased review volume.

Tripadvisor Platinum Review Collection Partner

GuestRevu is one of the few guest survey providers worldwide to have been granted Platinum Review Collection Partner status.

"Platinum status is granted to the top tier of review collection partners, who demonstrate excellent technical integrations and consistent review conversion performance." – Tripadvisor

This means that GuestRevu is able to link your guest feedback survey directly to your Tripadvisor listing. Before your guest reaches the last page and completes their survey, they’re asked to simply fill in their Tripadvisor review and click “Submit”. 

Easier for guests to leave a review

There is no need for guests to leave your GuestRevu survey, create a Tripadvisor account, log in to Tripadvisor, or post a review in more than one place – we have made it as simple as possible for your guests to tell others about their experience at your hotel. 

When guests get to the Tripadvisor page in your survey, it is even pre-populated with the ratings they filled in earlier in the survey, so all they need to do is add a title, their review and stay date, and click "Submit". 


What are the TripAdvisor questions in the survey?

Tripadvisor asks a few standard questions of all reviewers. In order to pre-populate the Tripadvisor section of your survey, we ask these questions directly early on in your survey.

  • Overall rating for this property
  • Service you received
  • Cleanliness
  • Value for money
  • General location of property
  • Sleep quality
  • Room quality
  • What sort of trip was this?

How many of my guests will complete the Tripadvisor section? 

This can be monitored in your Tripadvisor Summary Report but the GuestRevu average suggests around a conversion rate of 10%. This can vary from property to property based on your guests' experience scores. You can always improve the conversion rate by changing the wording in your invitation emails to guests. 

What difference will the integration make to my online reputation?

Typically clients will see an increase of 100-300% in the volume of reviews and a 4% increase in bubble rating (this may vary based on your guests' experience scores). Receiving a consistently higher volume of reviews helps you move up the ranking or helps you keep your top spot in our competitive industry. Find out more about what we know about the Tripadvisor Algorithm. 

How do I stop bad reviews from being published? 

The simple answer is that you can’t, and shouldn’t try to. But, you can provide each guest with the ability to voice any concerns or issues directly with the hotel through the survey before they leave a review online. 

If you’re using GuestRevu PRO or GROUP, survey logic will automatically ask additional drill-down about any areas your guests score poorly on the first page of your survey. This gives guests the chance to voice their concerns, and ensures you have the insights you need to make the right operational decision and improve scores. 

If you have no additional custom pages, and your guest doesn't give you any low scores, the Tripadvisor section appears on the 3rd page of your survey. However, since your Tripadvisor page is always the last page of the survey, the more poor scores your guest gives you, the more drill-down questions are asked and the further back the Tripadvisor section moves. Try it out on this demo survey by changing your scores on the first page.

What if I get a bad review on my Tripadvisor page?

The first thing to do is write a polite, professional management response so potential guests can see you care, and make an informed decision about booking with you. This blog has some examples of good management responses, and some examples of what to avoid.

Don’t worry too much about the occasional poor review – with the higher volume of reviews going through to your Tripadvisor page, any negative reviews will move off your first few pages much quicker than without the integration, and their effect on your score will be diluted by the more positive reviews. Tripadvisor’s study shows that their users read 9 reviews before making a decision about booking. 

Can I turn the Tripadvisor integration off? 

There can be many reasons why you may want to turn off your integration in the survey, for example while completing renovations, or so you can focus on driving reviews to a different online review site like Google. Just contact the support team to action this for you. 

From your GuestRevu dashboard you can also see a detailed report that summarises all the Tripadvisor reviews that have been left from your survey and the relevant guest details. Click here to learn more about the Tripadvisor report.

If your account isn’t integrated with Tripadvisor or you would like to start using surveys, email the support team on 


Top Tip 

It is not only Tripadvisor that can be incorporated into your survey. Depending on where your guests find you, you may want to push reviews to Facebook, Google or a combination of review sites. You can even include a link to leave a review in your Thank You email.