Consolidated View

When viewing feedback under your Reviews tab, you have the option to switch to Consolidated View, which helps you to browse your survey responses and scores, together with your online reviews, without leaving the page.

How to find your consolidated view:

  1. Log into your GuestRevu dashboard at
  2. Select the property or group that you would like to view reviews for

  3. Click on Reviews in the menu to your left


  4. You will be able to see a list of your reviews in the default List View. Clicking on any of these reviews will open them in an in-app window. Click on Consolidated View towards the top-right of the page to change this.

    reviews - consolidated view

  5. From here, you can scroll through your reviews, click on them to view your guests’ full feedback in the right-hand pane, and respond, publish the review to your GuestRevu widget, or create a service ticket as necessary.

    reviews - consolidated reviews

  6. If you prefer the previous view, you can change back to the default by clicking List View towards the top-right of the page.