Demographic Report

The Demographic report can be used to analyse variances in the results for key metrics like Review Ratings, NPS and sentiment scores in guests with different home languages or from different countries.

This can be a useful tool for Marketing Managers to look for target markets to explore; for Operational Managers to identify satisfaction trends based on the type of guests that stay; or for a Customer Success team to identify ideal guest insights — for example, which guests are most likely to leave a high rating or recommendation. 

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The data in this report is displayed in table, graph, map and other formats to make it easier to identify patterns and anomalies in guest trends by country or language. If you want to look at specific market segments, you can also use advanced filters.

How to find your Demographic Reports

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at 
  2. Select the property that you would like to see the Demographic data for
  3. Click on Reports > Demographic
  4. From the dropdown, you can select to view data segmented by either Country or Language

Demographic Report by Country

The Demographic by Country report shows the total number of reviews, average review rating, average Net Promoter Score and average Sentiment score by each Country based on the pre-selected date range. Learn more about date ranges

You can also filter either by Address Country, meaning that you’ll be looking at the country that the guest has left in their address, or by Nationality, where guests may have provided details of their home country. This means that a French guest who happens to be staying in the USA for a year may have an address in the USA, but be of French nationality, and the data can be filtered accordingly.

Below the scores, you will find a further breakdown of responses by Country in an interactive world map. Moving or hovering your mouse over each country will display a pop-up with the total number of responses and the average scores as detailed above in the table view.

By using the Shift key and clicking on two or more countries on the map, you can compare these two countries in the column chart below:

The selection of the two countries will change the colour of the countries from blue to green to easily show your selection

In this example, the comparison is set to show the United Kingdom and Australia:

Demographic Report by Language

As with the Demographic Report by Country, the Language Report will also show the Total Reviews, Review Rating and Net Promoter Score. The scores are shown in varying formats to make analysing the data easier. Navigate to the Language report by either using the left menu or by selecting Language from the top tabs.

The Demographic Report for Account Groups

This report consolidates all the data across the group so you are able to see the same insights at brand level. Use the filters at the top of the report to break the data down. 

Top Tip 

This Demographic report is a great place to start when looking for where trends may appear. To segment the data even more and dive into even deeper insights about your guests, use Advanced filters and the Trend Report.