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Date Range Explained

Throughout the application, you will be given the option to select the date range you want to view guest feedback data for.

Date range

By default, your account will load with the date range set to the last 31 days, but depending on the package you’re on, you can select to view various pre-set date ranges (such as last 90 days, last year, this month etc.) or set a custom date range.

Changes to the date range will be applied to all pages of the application until you sign out or change the date range again. This means that you should always check the date range that is being shown before downloading reports or making use of filters.

Date ranges available:

  • LITE - 30 day date range 
  • CORE - Any date range up to the previous 12 months 
  • PRO and GROUP - Any date range

To change the date range that you are viewing data for, click on the current date range, and a drop-down menu with a calendar and some default options will appear.  If you would like to choose a date range outside of the default options, you can either select the dates in the calendar on the right, or type them in under the From and To fields below the Custom Range menu option

Please note: Be sure to use the same date format when changing the custom date fields. 

Once you’ve chosen the date range that you would like to see data for, click Apply to save the change.

By default, your selected date range is applied based on the date your guest responded. However, you are able to change this to base reports on your guest’s check-out or check-in date. Find out more about changing the Report By filter here.

Top Tip 

Looking back at past data is a great way to identify trends that should inform operational decisions. For example, you may see a year-on-year increase in couples booking during September, so your marketing team can ensure they appeal to more couples in the lead up to this time. Want to see a longer date range? Upgrade now and have historical data at your fingertips.