Date Range Explained

Throughout the application, you will be given the option to select a date range as indicated by the image below.

Date range

The date range reflects the past month, or 31 days, by default. Changes to the date range that you are viewing data for will be applied to all pages of the application. This means that you should always check the date range that is being shown, before pulling reports or making use of filters.

To change the date range that you are viewing data for, click on the current date range, and a drop-down menu with a calendar and some default options will appear.  If you would like to choose a date range outside of the default options, you can either select the dates in the calendar on the right, or type them in under the From and To fields below the Custom Range menu option.

Please note: Be sure to use the same date format when changing the custom date fields.

Once you’ve chosen the date range that you would like to see data for, click Apply to save the change.

Date range with calendar