Competitor Report

With our Reputation Management feature, you can compare your property against properties of your choice so you can see where you stand against your competition.

This article will show you how to find and understand your Competitor Report.

How to find your Competitor Report

1. Login to your GuestRevu account at

2. Click on Reports > Competitor

Reports - Competitor

Understanding your Competitor Report

Your competitor report gives you average ratings based on the yours and your competitor’s online reviews and then determines where you stand against your competitors in graph format. Your competitor report is separated into two sections, overview and Primary Service Ratings.

Certain online travel agencies ask different questions when filling in a review, such as TripAdvisor with it’s questions based on Room Quality, Value For Money etc. Not all properties have reviews on the various sites for the date range selected so in some cases you might notice that some properties are missing from the reports.

competitor report - review rating

However, most places do ask about the guest’s Overall Satisfaction so this will be based on ratings given on all review sites, including places such as Facebook or Google, who ask guest’s to rate out of 5 stars as one, stand-alone rating.

Your competitor report is a great resource and can tell you exactly which areas need to be improved upon to rank higher than your current competition.

Don’t have Reputation Management? Get in touch with us at and we will give you more information on how you can access this feature.