Competitor Report

The competitor report takes publicly available online review data and creates powerful composite reports and ratings to help you benchmark your performance against your chosen competitors.

Top Tip: This report is only as useful as the data you get from your competitors so choose who to track wisely (here are some tips). And, if you still can’t choose, you can always upgrade to add more


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How to find your Competitor Report: 

  1. Login to your GuestRevu account at
  2. Click on Reports > Competitor


Click on the blue arrow in the Compset Position tile on the dashboard


Understanding your Competitor Report

Your competitor report collates and aggregates publicly available online review data into useful reports that give you a clear understanding of how you are performing against your competitors. 

Note: See the full list of review sites GuestRevu collects data from here

Your competitor report is separated into two sections; the Overview and Primary Service Ratings.


This report shows the: 

  • Number of Reviews 
  • Review Rating 
  • Sentiment scores 

Primary Service Ratings 

This section is based on the questions the reviews sites ask during the review process, this can vary between the different review sites. Tripadvisor, for example, allows guests to give scores for seven different metrics (including Room Quality and Value For Money), however these questions are optional, so many guests skip these.  

The rating asked for most frequently by review sites is Overall Satisfaction. In many cases this may be the only rating required, so this is almost always the most commonly answered question, and the graph with the most data. 

You may notice that some of your competitors are missing from some or perhaps even all of the graphs on your competitor report. This is because GuestRevu hasn’t found any data for that particular score for that competitor within the date range you have selected. 

If the competitor is missing entirely, it’s likely they didn’t have any reviews during the date range you have selected. If they are visible on some graphs but not others, this means no reviewers answered questions relating to that specific area.

You can filter by Review Sources to get a more detailed breakdown and benchmark your property from site to site. Click here to find out how.

Set Score Targets 

You can set each report to highlight properties that score below the target you set. To do this, click Set Score Target, enter the target you would like to set, and click Update. Any property (yours or a competitor) that doesn’t meet this target will be displayed in teal.

Highlighting specific competitors 

To help you to easily pick out a specific property on your report, you can choose to highlight them. Click Highlight then select the competitor you would like to highlight. The report will automatically update to show the selected competitor in orange.

Changing the sort order 

The default setting is to have scores displayed from Highest to Lowest, but this can be reversed to show Lowest to Highest. Simply click Sort, then select Sort from low to high.

Why do some of my competitors not show in some categories?

Your competitor report is based on ratings for various criteria on different online review sites, such as Tripadvisor’s “Value for money” or “Location” ratings. If one of your competitors has had no reviews left on a particular site that asks a specific question, or guests have chosen not to provide a score for that metric, there will be no data available to show on your report. 

For example: You have set your date range to view data for the last 7 days. Your property has ratings for all available online review sites, however, one of your competitors is not showing up on any Tripadvisor-specific questions. This simply means that none of their guests have left a review scoring the optional questions on Tripadvisor for the last 7 days, so GuestRevu doesn’t have any data to pull into your competitor report.

Top Tip: Tracking your competitors can show you exactly where you outshine the competition or arrears that need to be approved upon. Marketing teams can use this to showcase areas of excellence to potential guests to ensure they book at your property.  

How do I add more competitors?

Depending on your GuestRevu subscription, you could be able to track up to 10 competitors at no extra charge. 

How many competitors are included?
LITE 1 competitor
CORE 3 competitors
PRO or GROUP 10 competitors

If you aren’t using all of your competitor slots, just contact the support team via phone, chat or email, and just let us know which competitors you would like to add to your account. 

Please include the following information about any properties you would like added as a competitor:

  • Property names

  • Website links

  • Tripadvisor links

If you need to track more competitors than your subscription includes, you can always upgrade your plan, or contact for a personalised quote.

Please note: Adding multiple competitors may come at an additional cost, we will assist with pricing and any further information needed before we proceed with adding your new competitors