Filtering by review source


This article applies to:

  • LITE
  • CORE
  • PRO

Data from over 30 online review sources and multiple direct feedback questionnaires can be collected in  your GuestRevu account, but you can filter this data to only see information from selected sources.

Most of your reports will have the option to change which source they are based on. You can easily do this by clicking on Review Source right above your report and choosing your preferred source(s) from the dropdown (the ones included are highlighted in blue). 

Once you have selected the source(s) you want to look at, click apply. Your new report will automatically load. The filter will stay set and follow you throughout the account until you reset the filter. 

The second way to filter by review source is by scrolling to the bottom of your dashboard and clicking the desired review source icon you would like to see. This will automatically apply the filter for just that source. 

Gif - Filtering reports by source (1)

Top Tip: Some review sites have very specific geographical reach or niche audiences. Make sure you’re aware of your hotel’s reputation in niche markets that matter to you by viewing the feedback from just the relevant sites.