Your Service Rating Report

One of the most useful reports generated from the data collected by your guest feedback survey is your Service Rating Report. Your Service Rating report shows you how different areas of your hotel are performing based on ratings from your guests.

Where do I find my Service Rating Report?

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at

    report - service rating

  2. Click on Reports > Service Rating

    What does my Service Rating Report tell me

    Your various services will be broken down into multiple sections, which will include “All Ratings”“Primary Service Ratings”“Services Used” and more. 

    Each section will by default show you the services with the highest ratings at the top and lowest at the bottom, along with the average score and number of responses for each service.

    service rating - psr

    With this information, you can easily determine which areas of your property need more attention and which areas are doing well, which can help you decide where to allocate budgets, time and training. For example, if Staff Service is right at the top with a high score, whilst Room Quality is poor with the lowest score, it would mean that room upgrades might be more of a necessity rather than additional staff training. 

    Can I change how I view this report?

    Yes. You are able to show your full report based on Review Source, Sentiment, etc. You are also able to highlight specific questionssort your view from highest to lowest score and report based on response rate.

    Click on the drop downs above your report to change how the report is viewed.

    service rating - filters

    Click on the filter headings above each section to view your options for highlighting specific questions, sorting results or changing the minimum response rate for displaying results. 

    service ratings - highlight

    Note: If you notice a question missing on your Service Ratings report, it is most likely because of the option for “When response rate is equal to or greater than” is set to be too low to include that particular question. For example, if this is set at 50% it will only show questions where 50% or more of your guests responded. If that question only had a 30% response rate, it won’t appear on your report.