Review Source Report

Your Review Source Report shows you where reviews for your property are being posted, how many reviews you receive via each source, and the average rating for each source listed.

As with most reports, the data shown is only for the date range selected, so you may not see all the review sources every time you load the report. If you’re using GuestRevu LITE, you will only see reviews for Google,, TripAdvisor and Facebook, but you can always upgrade to see reviews from more sources.

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How do I find my review source report?

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at
  2. Click on Reports > Review Source

With this report, you’re able to determine exactly which review sites your guests are most likely to leave a review on and which ones generate the highest volume and rating. This report will also let you identify review sites where you may want to improve due to low ratings,which may be driving potential guests away. To help improve your reputation, if you have negative reviews consider doing a management response so potential guests get the full picture before making a decision and moving on. 

Number of Reviews by Source Trend 

You are able to see the number of reviews that have been posted on different review sources. If you would like to increase the volume of reviews on any particular site, consider adding a link in your survey or thank-you email to encourage more guests to leave a review. 

Overall Rating by Source Trend 

Just as important as the number of reviews on each site is the overall rating on each review site. 

You can view this data by day, week or month, depending on what you prefer.

Compare the different Review Sites 

When you have a high volume of reviews, the graphs can look busy. In this case you are able to toggle selected review sources on or off by clicking the relevant review source icon. 

Gif - Review Source Report  (2)

Top Tip 

Be proactive and improve your online reputation by using surveys with a link to leave an online review. Not only will you see a higher volume of reviews but typically clients see higher ratings within those reviews. 


For example, clients using the Tripadvisor integration typically see a 100-300% increase in the volume of reviews and a 4% increase in bubble ratings within those reviews. This can have a positive impact on your ADR and RevPAR. Upgrade now and be the driving force behind your property’s reputation!