Why are some properties missing from my group leaderboard report?

You may have noticed that some of the properties in your group don’t always appear on certain ratings in your Group Leaderboard Report.

This will happen for the following reasons: 

This article applies to:

  • No guests have responded to that particular question during the date range that you’ve selected (either via online review sites and/or in the questionnaire) so there is no data  
  • You have a filter set that excludes them 
  • They are not included in your Account Group and you will need to edit your group to add them. (Click on this article to learn how to)

Why would guests not answer the same questions? 

Guests may not answer the same questions because:

  • Questionnaires may vary from property to property for different reasons such as offering different facilities like a Spa.
  • Online Review Sites questions do vary from site to site, most will ask a question about overall satisfaction but other sites like TripAdvisor will have 7 questions. In this case, if a hotel had no TripAdvisor reviews over that date range they would not show the condition section

How do I know if I have a filter applied?

The Reset button will be orange if a filter is applied. To clear the filter, just click the Reset button. You can also see if any properties have been excluded from the report by clicking on the Filter Accounts. Only properties highlighted in blue are included on the report. 

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