What happens when a guest replies via email to a GuestRevu email or Management Response?

Sometimes a guest replies to one of your GuestRevu emails directly via email. This could be to any of the emails – Invitation, Reminder, or Thank You.

In these cases, you will still receive the communication, but it will not appear in the Review Tab – this is only for reviews collected from online review sites or from your GuestRevu surveys. As this feedback has no review scores, it is instead sent to your GuestRevu Inbox

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Any email responses to your GuestRevu communications will also be forwarded to the forwarding email address specified for your account.

How do I view my GuestRevu Inbox?

To see messages guests have sent you via email, click on the envelope icon at the top right-hand side of your screen and then click view inbox in the dropdown. 

If you have any unread emails from guests, the envelope icon will also have a small red circle next to it showing the number of unread email responses. Clicking the envelope icon will show you a list of unread email subjects, along with the link to view the full messages in your GuestRevu Inbox.

Please note: The Guest Communications page applies to your property’s account, not your specific user profile. This means that if any user views the unread guest message(s) in the inbox, the “unread message” indicator will be cleared for all users.

When you are logged into an individual account, you can also navigate to your GuestRevu Inbox by clicking Guests in your left-hand menu, and then click Communications.

Please note that the communications tab is not available when viewing an Account Group.

Once you are in your Inbox, the number shown next to the Inbox title reflects how many emails you’ve received within your pre-selected date range, not the number of messages that are unread.  

How do I view or respond to an email in my GuestRevu Inbox?

To view the email reply, either click on the subject of the email, or click on the Actions button and select View Email.

From within the email, you can respond to the guest by clicking on the Reply button. You can also see details of the guest, including their previous communications and any reviews or survey responses, by clicking Quick View, or you can click the Go To Review button to go to your Reviews section where you will find more functions.

Clicking Reply will open a text editor where you can type out your response, and when you are satisfied, you can click the Send button. The guest will receive a response from the same email address that your surveys are sent from. Further email replies from the guest will also appear in your GuestRevu Inbox.

Management Responses

As soon as you have sent a response to an email in your Inbox, your message, along with the original email reply, will be moved to the Management Response section. This section lists all management responses that have been sent from your account for the date range you have selected, whether by responding to an email reply, or by responding to a review directly.

To view the management response, and the email chain connected with it, either click on the subject of the email, or click on the Actions button and select View Response.

Once you have selected the Management Response that you would like to view, you will be able to see details of the guest, including their previous communications and any reviews or survey responses, by clicking Quick View. Clicking the Go To Review button will redirect you to the review in your Reviews section where you will find more functions. 

Can I filter my Management Responses?

Management responses can be filtered by the source that they were left on, such as Booking.com, TripAdvisor or your guest feedback survey.

  1. Click on Filter by Source and select or deselect options as desired. The sources that are selected will be highlighted in blue. 


2. Click Apply to set the filter

Alternatively, you can use the search bar to search for certain guests. 

What email address is linked to my GuestRevu inbox? 

Under your Inbox, you will see some text that says “Emails for this property will be forwarded to the default forward email address below”, followed by an email address. Any management responses you send via your GuestRevu Inbox will be sent from this address. It is also the address to which any email replies to your questionnaires, reminders, or thank you emails will be forwarded. 

Note: Forward emails only apply to individual accounts, not Account Groups. If you are viewing an Account Group, this message will not be displayed. 

If you want to change your forward email address:

  1. Click Change
  2. The Account Preferences page will open, where you can enter your preferred email address in the Forward Email field.
    We advise using one that is monitored regularly, as all email replies will be sent to and from this address. 
  3. Click Save 

What gets sent to the forwarding email address?

All client email replies will be forwarded to the address specified in your individual account in the account preferences screen. The email subject contains the guest’s name, and the name of the account they replied to, giving you some context at a glance.


Why do my guest responses via email NOT show in the Reviews Section?

If the guests responded to the Email invitation or Reminder Email by replying to the email and did not start the questionnaire, we are unable to process this into the reports as there are no scores to calculate. This is why the replies are forwarded to your inbox and not displayed in your reviews or reports. Check your inbox regularly to make sure no reply goes unnoticed.

How do I see which guests have replied via email on the Reviews page? 

If a guest completes a GuestRevu survey, and then subsequently replies via email to communication sent from GuestRevu (such as the thank you message or a management response email), you will also be notified of this on your reviews page. 

When in List View in either an Individual Account or an Account Group, look for the client email column (denoted with an envelope icon). If you see a tick in this column, this means that the guest has sent an additional reply via email.

To view the response, click on the tick and the guest’s response will display.

Alternatively, click on the guest’s name or email to open the Quick View and go to the Communications tab. 


If a guest doesn’t complete a survey, but only replies to your GuestRevu survey invite via email, then their communication will only be visible in the inbox.

How do I see if a Management Response has been sent in reply to a guest’s email? 

If you (or a member of your team) have replied to the guests' email, both the Client Email and Management Response columns will have ticks in them. This is the same whether you are in an Individual Account or in an Account Group. 

You can view the Management Response by clicking on the tick in the Management Response column. 

To take further actions, go to the guest profile by clicking the Action button and selecting from the options provided, or click on the guest’s name or email to open the Quick View.

Top Tip 

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