What do the different email statuses mean?

The email statuses tell you which emails have been delivered to your guests, whether or not your emails were delivered, and if your guests have completed your survey and submitted their feedback.

Where do I find my email statuses?

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at https://my.guestrevuapp.com

  2. Click on Guests > Manage Guests

    Guests - Manage

  3. You will see the status of your guests' emails under the column titled Last Action.

    manage guests - last action


    What do they mean?

    Pending: The email is still in the queue to be sent, generally due to the invitation send delay.

    Invitation Sent: The last email this guest received was the initial survey invitation. They have not yet responded

    Reminder Sent: The last email this guest received was the reminder to complete the survey. They have not yet responded

    Response Received: This guest has filled in your survey and you have received their response

    Soft Bounced: This either means that this guest has a full inbox or their server blocks certain emails from being delivered. There isn’t much that you can do in a case like this, but our system does attempt to resend the email every few days.

    Rejected: This means that the email address for the guest does not exist or was captured incorrectly. Unfortunately, unless you do have the correct email address, this will be a permanent “bounce”. You can click here to learn how to edit your guest’s email address and resend the mail if you have noticed an error.

Top tip

If you’ve noticed that you have more rejected emails than you would like, chat to your reception team about verbally confirming emails before a guest checks out or double-checking when capturing your guest’s details. You can also download our tips for collecting email addresses poster here.