Translating review titles and comments

Being in the hospitality industry, you’re likely to have foreign guests who may leave a review in a language you don’t speak.

Being in the hospitality industry, you’re likely to have guests who may leave a review in a language you don’t speak – but their feedback is still valuable!

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GuestRevu uses Google Translate to allow you to translate a review into a different language.

This feature means you can always understand exactly what your guests have to say about your property.

  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at
  2. Click on Reviews. (You can use this feature with any comments left by guests, including your online reviews)

  3. Find the review you would like to translate, click on Actions > Quick View or click on the guests name
  4. Scroll to the title or comment you would like to translate, and click on the Translate button. For a title, this button will be next to the title. For comments, the translate button will be above the comment to the right.
  5. A new window will pop up, select the Translate From language (the original language the text was written in) and the Translate To language (the new language you want the text to be translated into). Don’t worry if you’re not sure what the original language is – the software is quite good at identifying this for you. 
  6. Click on Translate
  7. Your guest’s comment will now be translated into the language you selected.
  8. If you want to save yourself (or other users) the hassle of translating the comment again in the future, you can click Save Translation
  9. The translation will now appear under the original review in the guests’ Response Tab 

Comments with saved translations will also be shown in blue on the Guest Comments tab in your Comprehensive Report, and you will be able to see the translation by holding your cursor over the comment.


Top Tip 

Online reviews can often feel like you only ever have guests on the far ends of the scale from guests whose stays were amazing or disastrous. If you want to be proactive and take control of your online reviews, then use direct guest feedback surveys to get more satisfied guests to leave you online reviews. Typically GuestRevu clients using the Tripadvisor integration see a 100-300% increase in Tripadvisor reviews and a 4% increase in the bubble ratings. Find out more by booking an online demo or upgrade now.