The GuestRevu Rating

Your GuestRevu Rating provides one key performance indicator to benchmark your past and present performance and other scores against.

Unlike standard ratings, your GRR is worked out by taking multiple factors into consideration to give you an accurate, consolidated score to monitor. 

This article applies to:

  • CORE
  • PRO


The GuestRevu Rating takes into account reviews from your questionnaires as well as your online reviews. We start by calculating each individual Review’s Overall Rating by combining all their Primary Service Ratings and working out an average from that. The Overall Satisfaction Rating is the most important of the Primary Service Ratings and hence we “double” its impact by first doubling Overall Satisfaction and then combining with the remaining Primary Service Ratings percentage to give us our final Overall Review Rating.

For example:

Review Received  

Overall Satisfaction (4/5 = 80%) x 2

Room 4/5 = 80%

Cleanliness 5/5 = 100%

Location 5/5 = 100%

Service 4/5 = 80%

Value 4/5 = 80%

We then work out your GRR by calculating the average score from your Overall Rating for each individual review. This gives you a true overall score of how your property is doing, which you can easily track in the GuestRevu Trend Analysis graph lower down.

(Please note: the calculations may differ based on what questions you have on your questionnaire)

Where do I find my GRR? 

Your GRR is found on your dashboard and the GuestRevu Trend Analysis is just underneath it. 


Clicking on the blue arrow will take you directly to your reviews tab 

Note: If you filter your data, your GRR will automatically recalculate to reflect the score from the selected filter. For example, if you select the filter to show only online reviews, your Online Review Rating and GRR will reflect the same score. See image below:

Top Tip 

Having direct guest survey and online review data provides an overall picture of what guests have to say both to you and about you. If you only do one of the two, then you only see one side.