How to set targets and goals on your reports

Setting targets on your dashboard and reports at a group or individual account level allows you to set goals that you aim to reach for specific areas of your property, for your overall feedback scores, or for all properties in a group.

Your team can then see each area's performance against your target scores and what level your guests are actually rating each area. Insights like these are invaluable for improving guest experience scores, making the right operational decisions, and ensuring all properties in your group to know and understand what is expected as a brand standard.

This article applies to:

  • LITE
  • CORE
  • PRO

You can set targets in the following areas for both Individual Accounts and Account Groups: 

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Primary Service Rating 
  • Sentiment 
  • Competitors (Individual Property Level)
  • Leaderboard Report (Account Group Level)  

NOTE: Targets are set at the account level, so all users will see the same target scores.

To set a target for a section of your account:

  1. Log into your GuestRevu dashboard at
  2. Select the property or group that you would like to add the target to
  3. On your dashboard, scroll down to the section that you would like to add a target score for.
  4. Click the Set Score Target button to the right of the section's title.
  5. Type in your target score and click Update. There is no need to add a percentage sign.
  6. Your target will now display as a dotted teal line within the relevant section’s graph, with areas that have not achieved the target being highlighted in teal as well. 

In the case of NPS, Sentiment, or other sections which do not display your scores in graphs, the target score will be displayed beneath your score along with an indication of how far you are from reaching your goal, or how much you have exceeded it by. The teal dotted line will also be visible on any accompanying graphs. 

In an Account Group 

Targets in Account Groups are set in the same way, but you also have the ability to set targets on the Leaderboard Report. This helps to show all properties what you expect as a brand and what they should be realistically aiming to achieve. 

How can I get even more details about the areas below target? 

If you want to understand the areas that are below score targets in even more detail, experiment with the Advanced Filters and then look at the guests comments in the Comprehensive Report. Below is an example of how you could use this:

Top Tip 

This is a great way to get staff to engage with staff and collaborate on what they think or need to help them improve in their areas that are below target scores. The more insights you get back from guests the easier this is to understand and improve.