How to find a specific guest’s survey response

If you need to find a specific guest’s feedback, you can search for the guest by name or email address.

There are two places in your account where you can search for a questionnaire response: 

This article applies to:

  • CORE
  • PRO
  1. Manage Guests
  2. Review

The Manage Guest section will allow you to see if the guest has responded or not. If they haven’t, you will be able to see if they have been sent the invitation email or reminder email. You will also be able to navigate to the review popup screen. 

Reviews section will only show the guest if they have responded to a questionnaire or left an online review that is associated with that email address. 

Note: Depending on which GuestRevu package you’re using, you can choose to be notified automatically of all guest responses via email as soon as a guest responds to a survey. This email will contain the guest’s details along with their ratings


  1. Log in to your GuestRevu account at
  2. In the main menu on the left, click Guests > Manage, or click Reviews 
  3. On either page, go to the search box and type in the guest’s name or email. If the guest is in GuestRevu, they will appear below. 
  4. A. On the Manage Guest screen, click on the guest’s name or email, or click Actions > View Guest, and the guest details will slide in, showing you the guest’s information and any feedback they may have given you.

Once the guest details are displayed, you can then click Quick View or Go To Review to see the full review.  

On the Reviews screen, the guest details will only appear if the guest has already left feedback or an online review associated with the email address you entered in the search bar. 

What if the guest doesn't complete a questionnaire but replies to an invitation or reminder email? 

The guest’s email will be sent to the forwarding email specified on your account, and stored in the Communications Tab under guests. 

Top Tip 

Automate and customise your Thank You emails to invite repeat guests to book directly so you don’t have to pay more OTA commission than absolutely necessary!