Creating and Managing Account Groups

You can create Account Groups to compare your properties against each other and find areas that might need improvement or areas that they are doing exceptionally well in.

Why are Account Groups useful?

When you have a group of properties it is important to ensure that brand standards are consistent across all the individual properties. To do this you will need to be able to see all the individual properties data consolidated into one report, and have the ability to compare individual properties with each other.

This article applies to:

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You may also want to create Account Groups that include some properties in your group, but not others. For example, you may have an Account Group for properties in Europe, and another Account Group for all properties in Africa, or one for properties with fewer than 50 rooms, or those in city locations.

How to create an Account Group

Log in to your GuestRevu account at

Go to the blue menu on the left and click on “My Account Groups”.


On this page you can see and access all the groups you create. To create a new group just click on the blue “New Group” button on the right.



Type in the name of your group and add a description (if needed) then click “Save”.



You will then be redirected to a page that lets you manage which properties are part of your newly created group. You can add or remove properties from here.

To add properties, click on the “Add Accounts” button on the right.

Choose which properties you’d like to add to your group by clicking on the blue “Add Account” button on the right-hand side of each property, or by selecting the properties by checking the tick box and clicking the blue “Add to Group” button underneath the table. 

You will now be able to see your new Account Group in your Active Account Groups

Adding a new property to an existing Account Group

If you need to add a new property to an Account Group you have already created, you can go back and Edit the group account. 

Click Actions on the right-hand side and select Edit.

Adding your Account Group to your Switch Account

Don’t forget to add your Group Account to your Switch Account. This helps you jump quickly and easily between Individual properties and your group accounts.

  1. Click the Actions button
  2. Select Add to Account Switch 

Giving other users access to your Account Groups 

You can share any Account Groups you create with your colleagues.

  1. Click the Action button next to the group you would like to share
  2. Select Give Group Access To User
  3. Add the user email
  4. Click Send

Note: Users will only be able to see the accounts in the group that they have access to. If they don’t have access to all properties in the Account Group, a pop-up window will appear and tell you which accounts they won’t see. If you are the account owner you will be able to add individual users to these accounts.


Top Tip 

To see how to get the best out of your group account take a look at this article - Your Group Account and what data it shows. You should also check your notifications to ensure the right information lands in your inbox