Your TripAdvisor Report

In this article, I’m going to tell you more about the TripAdvisor Report and how to find it.

How do I find my TripAdvisor Report?

  1. Login to your GuestRevu account at

  2. Click on Reports > TripAdvisor

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What can my TripAdvisor Report tell me?

Firstly, your TripAdvisor report will tell you your current ranking on TripAdvisor, your overall rating and a trend determining how your ranking has changed over time.

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If you are currently using Reputation Management in conjunction with TripAdvisor built directly into your Guest Feedback questionnaire, we will then break down your organic vs jointly collected reviews. Organic reviews are reviews from guests who have gone directly to TripAdvisor without using any links or built-in TripAdvisor forms, whereas jointly collected reviews are guests who have left a review directly from your questionnaire.

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We then break down the ratings for each question that TripAdvisor asks and give you your average overall rating for each section for the selected time period.

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Lastly, we break down the reasons your guest’s visited your hotel as well as the languages most commonly used by your guests. This is useful for marketing purposes and gives you a good idea of what the majority of your guest’s use your hotel for, eg. business trips, family holidays or romantic getaways.

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How to view your TripAdvisor reviews.

From your report, you are also able to view the TripAdvisor reviews that have made up these ratings by clicking on the “TripAdvisor Reviews” tab at the top of your report.

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From here you can view your full review by clicking on Actions > View.

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If you are not currently integrated with TripAdvisor and would like to have access to this report and potentially push more reviews to TripAdvisor, get in touch with us at and we will be more than happy to get you integrated.